A chimney is such a structure that is used to provide ventilation. It helps to direct the hot air to the outside environment. The source of hot gasses or smoke can be a boiler, a furnace, stove or fireplace. The space inside of the chimney is known as the flue.

It is very important to clean the chimney on a regular basis by Chimney Sweep Seattle if you are living in Seattle to avoid any bad happenings.

There are many methods which can be used to clean a chimney; some of them are given below:


A hardware shop or chimney sweep Seattle is the place from where you have to buy the things required:

•A chimney brush



•Dust mask


•Chimney brush extension pipes

After buying all these things, dress and especially cover your hair, hand, eyes and mouth by using bandanna dust mask and goggles to avoid any harm. After this you have to fix the damper handle in the chimney to separate and clean it. Reattach the damper handle when you are done with cleaning.


First of all make sure that you roof is safe to stand on then use a ladder to reach and take bag and fill it with all the equipment require in cleansing in order to avoid the disturbance of climbing again and again. After doing this hold a brush and attach a weighted rope to it. Keep the brush down into the chimney flue and keep on holding the rope on it other end.


In this method first take a brush and a pipe if your roof cant bear the weight. Attach the pipe to the brush and put the brush in the chimney and clean the chimney. Use another pipe in order to clean the chimney from the top and continue this until all the dirt is removed.


Pulley rope system is used in this method. You have to take two ropes are attached to the chimney brush one at the bottom and other at the bottom. One person should hold the one side of the rope on the roof and other person at the bottom with the brush in the middle. Pulley is removed afterwards.

You can get your chimney cleaned, masonry repair and much more by contacting the chimney sweep Seattle. They can also inspect your chimney and its functioning to avoid any bad happening at your place. If you are a resident of Seattle and have the chimney installed in your house, you can get it inspected regularly by getting the services of chimney sweep Seattle. There are many such agencies of chimney sweep Seattle that help you to fix the problems of your chimneys.

It is very important to clean a chimney on a regular basis to increase its efficiency and enhance the safety of its usage.

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