What Is Universal Transport Medium (UTM)?

Posted by anna on March 3, 2022

Universal Transport Medium (UTM) is a highly stable viral transport medium. It is primarily used in rapid antigen tests, DFA, viral culture, and molecular-based assays. It is widely available in laboratories worldwide. Among its applications are the collection, transportation, and preservation of clinical specimens. The UTM system is made of PEEK and contains a patented, proprietary composition that satisfies all the specifications of the American Society for Microbiology and Virology.

The UTM tube is shaped like a cone, enabling the collection of specimens with a high degree of precision. The COPAN FLOQSwabs are used to ensure the safety of samples while being transported. They are also available in different colors. During storage, UTM keeps the organism viable for up to 48 hours. These properties make them ideal for long-term use in clinical laboratories.

The UTM tube is made of plastic and is suitable for both long-term freeze-dry storage and transport of clinical specimens. The packaging is convenient and easy to use. The UTM is packaged in a screw-cap tube, which can stand upright on a benchtop. The material used in the tubes contains three glass beads in a sterile chamber. These beads are stable for up to 48 hours at room temperature, and are used to isolate pathogens from contaminated samples.

UTM(r)-RT is a widely used viral transport medium. Few studies have investigated the viral stability of UTM before, but a recent study shows that it can retain infectious agents for longer than the other commonly used viral transport media. Researchers have demonstrated that UTM can be stored at room temperature for more than a week at room temperature and can be maintained at a freezing temperature for up to 21 days.

The UTM (r)-RT is widely used for virus transportation. However, very few studies have tested the virus's stability over long periods of time. Its viral stability was found to be 14 days at room temperature and 21 days at room temperature. Even at freezing temperatures, RSV remains viable in UTM-RT. This is a significant benefit over other viral transport media. It is safe for the patient and has minimal risks of transmitting a disease.

UTM (r)-RT is a universal transport medium cleared by the FDA for containing viruses. It is used for transferring and preserving clinical specimens for long-term freeze-dried storage. Unlike some other transport media, UTM retains the organism's viability and is compatible with many clinical specimens. It is therefore a better choice for viral diagnosis. It is a superior option when it comes to virus isolation.

In addition to virus detection, UTM-r is also useful for other diagnostic applications. It is a suitable universal transport medium for a variety of purposes, including viral detection. It also prevents contamination from harmful viruses. It is the preferred method of analyzing clinical specimens. The universal transport medium is available in various forms. The r-UTM is widely available in several sizes and types. One bottle contains three glass beads.


COPAN UTM-RT Viral Transport Medium

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology examined the stability of UTM(r)-RT, an FDA-cleared collection system for the transport and preservation of clinical specimens containing viruses. The results showed that UTM(r)-RT remained viable for more than 14 days at room temperature, and 21 days in cold and frozen conditions. This stability indicates that UTM(r)-RT is superior to many other forms of viral transport media.

Universal Transport Medium is an ideal solution for the transport and maintenance of viruses. It is an ideal choice for Rapid Antigen Testing, DFA and Viral Culture. Its long shelf life makes it an excellent choice for a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. A few differences between COPAN and other forms of swabs may affect the final cost and the ease of use. A COPAN-RT sample swab features a skid-bottom and internal conical shape, reducing the risk of contaminating samples.

Despite the fact that COPAN UTM-RT is a highly stable viral transport medium, it is still considered a laboratory-grade product for the isolation of viruses. The medium, which is compatible with most other cultures, maintains fragile organisms for long periods of time at room temperature. To avoid the occurrence of bacterial contamination, the transport tube should be kept refrigerated at 2-8degC, with dry ice during transit. While storing specimens at this temperature, it is important to keep them frozen at -70degC or preferably on dry ice. Alternatively, they should be shipped on dry ice or frozen on ice. The latter is preferable for long-term storage as -20degC can lead to loss of infectivity.

Compared to nasal aspirates, the UTM (r) is a room-temperature-stabilized viral transport medium. The UTM is an ideal choice for a variety of purposes, including collection, transportation, and long-term freeze storage of samples. Its conical internal shape allows for easy centrifugation. A variety of sample collection packs are available for purchase. You can also order these as individual patient samples.

COPAN UTM-RT is a room-temperature-stable viral transport medium. It is an excellent choice for testing delicate organisms, such as viruses. It is compatible with many other types of medium. This transport medium can be used for collection, storage, and long-term freezing. However, it should be stored on dry ice. The specimens should be maintained at the appropriate temperature while in transit.

The Universal Transport Medium has a high shelf-life. It can be used for a variety of procedures, including viral isolation, RNA extraction, and long-term freeze storage. It is an ideal choice for a variety of laboratory applications. Its high shelf-life allows the collection of multiple specimens. It is available in many countries. It is highly suitable for many different applications. The UTM is widely used in a variety of diagnostics.

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